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Installing new windows in your home increases curb appeal instantly, while also significantly reducing energy costs. Over time the windows eventually pay for themselves and help put money back in your pocket! Get factory direct pricing on easy-maintenance, energy efficient windows.

Affordable Remodelers serves most of Northern Indiana. We are based in Valparaiso where you can visit our showroom for a hands-on experience with our samples and see the color choices that are available for your next window replacement project!

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Joyce Windows is our reliable, high-quality vinyl window replacement provider.

Joyce Windows is an Energy Star Partner, and they design their products to exceed quality standards. Joyce Manufacturing Company is based in Berea, Ohio and has taken pride in providing high-performing quality exterior products since 1955.

Their commitment to keeping a high standard in their products coupled with AR's quality services provides you the best value for window replacement options in Northern Indiana.

What type of window do you need replaced?

window replacement

Heritage Window Series by Joyce

The Heritage series is a premium style window replacement that provides many practical benefits as well as bringing elegance into your home.

  • Exclusive magna-seal, which is an air-tight seal reducing outside noise and providing energy efficient performance.

  • Hand-crafted style window has a quarter-round wood moulding look that gives the window a beautiful interior finish while increasing your homes overall curb appeal.

  • Coved interior sash and beveled exterior frame made with composite PVC reinforcement giving the window ultimate durability.

  • Heritage series offers a variety of colors to choose from and different performance glass options to meet your criteria.

  • Heritage windows are easy to operate and maintain making your home upkeep a little easier.

Insulator Window Series by Joyce

Insulator windows are the affordable high-quality manufactured traditional options able to meet anybody’s budget.

  • The window system has a metal reinforced lock and keeper rail providing structural strength.

  • Choose from multiple styles, type of window, and color options to best fit your needs.

Available in Double Hung, 2 or 3 Slider, and Picture Windows

window replacement
window replacement

Casement Windows by Joyce

Joyce’s casement replacement options have a modern design and energy efficiency performance.

  • Casement window replacements have a single-lever multi-point locking system.

  • Their contemporary look provides more glass space giving a better view outside.

Awning Window Replacements

Awning replacements are great for ventilation and providing more natural light throughout your home.

  • Awning replacements are double weather-stripped around the entire frame and have an ultra-tight seal.

  • The awning system has a single-lever multi-point locking system giving an improved operation.

  • Fold-down handle lays flat against the window.

window replacement
window replacement

Basement Windows

Basement window options are custom made and come with a full fitted screen. The window is designed with a fusion welded main and sash frame making it structurally sound.

Bay, Bow, & Garden Windows

Specialty windows are manufactured to be structurally sound. Provide an enhance panoramic view outside of your home and immediately increase curb appeal.

Another great feature is the added space providing more decorative room or a place to sit.

  • The material is hand selected oak and birch veneers and isn’t made with glue line or knots.

  • There are over 28 different aluminum roof colors or an authentic copper roof option.

  • Their side jambs are available in light oak, dark oak, cherry, white, and beige.

  • Specialty windows are less maintenance because of their scratch resistant and weather durable design.

  • Garden windows provide another nice view with easy accessibility. Garden window replacements have a reinforced sash and multi-point locking system.

window replacement
window replacement
window replacement

High Quality benefits of Joyce Windows

  • Multi Chambered fusion-welded main & sash frame

    Increased window strength and made to be weather tight creating an energy-efficient product helping you save on energy bills.

  • Truly sloped sill

    Provides added outdoor protection keeping all rainwater and elements outside.

  • Double-barrier fin seal weather stripping

    Designed to be tightly sealed preventing air and water penetration

  • 7/8” Insulated Glass

    Superior thermal performance and sound reducing.

  • Self-Adjusting Stainless-Steel Clock Spring Balance System

    Strongest in the Industry allowing effortless and easy operation.

  • Bulb Seal

    Provides an ultra-tight seal, protecting against cold air penetration.

  • Heavy Duty Cam Locks

    Made to be pick resistant and adds more protection against weather penetration. 

  • Tilt in Sashes

    Ergonomically designed to provide easy operation and easy year-round maintenance.

Outstanding Window Warranty Coverage

window replacement

All Joyce windows include the Silver Warranty, which is a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty allowing relocation of the window. This warranty also includes glass failure and natural disaster coverage.

Affordable Remodelers Makes It Gold

We upgrade all of our window installations to GOLD, which includes full premium coverage of the whole unit and total glass breakage replacement

Customize Your New Windows

Customize your windows to compliment your home’s style and color preferences  

Color Options

both the exterior and interior of the unit



Creme White




Woodgrain Options

interior only



Medium Oak


Light Oak


Exterior Acrylic Coating


Includes lifetime warranty. Prizm coating is designed for no chipping or peeling, and minimized heat absorption.

Available colors are Earth Brown, Musket Brown, Bronze, Barn Red, Country Green, Black, White, Desert Sand, Harbor Stone, and Natural Clay



Available styles in Flat, Contoured, Brass Pencil, Colonial, Diamond, Prairie, and Double Prairie. Grids styles add a smooth elegant appearance between window panes.

V-Groove Glass


Decorative pattern cut glass available with a Frosted, Polished, or Mixed finish. Patterns choices are Colonial, Prairie, Diamond, Double Prairie, and Decorative.

Powerful SmartShield Glass for your Windows

Joyce Windows exclusively use SmartShield Glass because of their industry leading glass technology. SmartShield provides the best value performance for all climates and budgets.

Coated Glass

SmartShield coated glass made with Low Emissivity (Low E) is beneficial for your energy bill, keeping heat outside on hot summer days and inside during the cold frigid winter. Low E is manufactured through industry leader Cardinal Glass, the largest producer in the world of insulated glass (IG) and coated glass (CG).

Endur Insulated Glass by Cardinal

With exceptional longevity and performance, Endur IG delivers the industry’s lowest failure rate, plus outstanding thermal performance and solar control. This glass features the most durable “warm edge” spacer system that works for any climate, has no visible screws, and is built-in with a dual seal system.

Neat® by Cardinal

The best feature of this glass is that the windows practically clean themselves and require less regular maintenance. This is easy to clean system is powered by the sun’s ability to loosen dirt off the windows and is then washed away from rainwater. The silicon dioxide coating of the glass makes Neat glass exceptionally smooth and hydrophilic, allowing water to disperse evenly or “sheet off” and evaporate quickly, greatly reducing water spotting.

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